Another Moon Cup Convert

I swore I would never do it. I was never grossed out by Moon Cups, but I just never, ever thought it would work for me. (I also had no problem with tampons, as evidenced by this sonnet...) This is probably due to the fact that I once tried Insteads back in college, and that felt like I was getting fisted by the devil… » 3/30/15 9:54pm Monday 9:54pm

Girl Clothing Fail at Carter's

When I go shopping for my two small children, I think to myself "how is it possible to dress them sensibly and yet simultaneously promote gender stereotypes?" This season, look no further than Carter's! » 1/16/15 2:33pm 1/16/15 2:33pm

Nerds Assemble: Gotham is Actually Decent

I did not see this coming, but I am enjoying it! I'm up to episode 3, season 1. Some snappy writing, good performances, and fun! And it passes the Bechdel test! » 1/06/15 10:34pm 1/06/15 10:34pm

Did you know...

That when your toddler watches Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas twice a day for four days straight that you start to come up with alternate lyrics to all the songs? True story. » 12/29/14 5:41pm 12/29/14 5:41pm

Family Ties

Tonight I drove the 5 minutes to my favorite uncles' house to give my cousin a promised birthday pie. My Uncle (whom my son has been instructed to call "Auntie Endora" for the Agnes Moorehead character on Bewitched) greeted me while wearing an enormous drapey bathrobe fashioned out of paisley patterned old towels and… » 12/07/14 9:37pm 12/07/14 9:37pm

Your Baby Is Not A Toy

A friend of mine has been dressing up her son as iconic figures from the time he was born. Until now she has posted only on FB. Well now she has a tumblr and this beauty can be shared with the world. » 12/05/14 5:48pm 12/05/14 5:48pm

Pictures to Pin for Your Fetishizing Black Foreigners Wedding

Goddamnit you guys... » 12/03/14 10:28am 12/03/14 10:28am

My Literary Kindred

I always thought it was Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing, but after picking up some Olivia books from the library for Le Petit Comte, turns out it's Olivia... » 11/07/14 9:48pm 11/07/14 9:48pm

Hypothetical Question Time

First off: I want you to know I have not forgotten House Groupthink! I am here, skulking about every day, but the whole stay at home mom transition is still taking some time to figure out/find a good routine for, which is why comments have been scarce. Tl;dr—I love you all! as an act of contrition, please find this… » 9/25/14 11:06pm 9/25/14 11:06pm